Our Firm

ÖZEL Attorney Consultancy founded by Atty Osman Ertürk ÖZEL, LLM and Atty Yiğit Göktürk ÖZEL in 2016, provides you with attorney services in Ankara, Istanbul and anywhere you may need utilizing its network of solution partners, and by the benefit of its team with high capability or representation, acts with a fast, transparent, and solution focused understanding.

ÖZEL whose purpose is to reassure national and international organizations, companies and individuals values their clients’ expectations above all.

ÖZEL adopts the rule of law, confidentiality, professionalism and quality as its main principles and has the ability to be available at any time of the day for your urgent issues in addition to being a firm that can follow up all legal processes through any communication means.

ÖZEL informs its clients in a pre-determined frequency and manner in any issue which is the subject of counselling and follow-up thanks to a principled working system. In addition to this service, ÖZEL ensures that its clients follow up their own legal processes via a legal automation system on ‘www.ozel.law’ web site offered to its clients.

Due to its internal task distribution, ÖZEL provides efficient services in the fields of national and international commerce, corporate, merger and acquisition, defense, intellectual property, real estate, construction, arbitration, administration, tenders, obligations, labour, criminal, associations and contract laws.

ÖZEL, working with personnel composed of civil society volunteers, has extensive knowledge on human rights in general and especially on immigrants and refugees, and is also knowledgeable on the legal regulations and procedures on these areas.

ÖZEL benefits from, besides its employed personnel, a young and dynamic cadre it established, composed of academicians from nearly all fields, working in schools of law, constituting an Academic Consultancy Committee, in order to render its attorney services more qualified and efficient.

ÖZEL Attorney Consultancy will be deeply honored to offer all the above mentioned services to you.