ÖZEL’s priority is to resolve the legal issues of its clients through settlement, mediation or arbitration methods. However, acting with the experience gained from hundreds of cases that have been litigated to date in the litigation of lawsuits or cases that have to be opened by ÖZEL, it carries out work close with the client in litigation processes.

ÖZEL, which shares all kinds of petitions and information notes prepared with the client company, participates in the hearings in full and provides instant information about the process to its clients.

ÖZE is experienced labor personal action based on labor and social security law, actions for right to compensation arising from work accidents, return to work, all kinds of credit and real estate lawsuits, financial and moral damages cases, divorce, property sharing, alimony and custody cases arising from family law, inheritance cases, rent law-related litigation, receivables litigation arising from consumer law, initiation and execution of transactions before the enforcement agencies if necessary, and recognition and enforcement cases.

In addition, our clients are successfully represented in all kinds of disputes that should be carried out before the police, prosecutors and criminal courts if our clients need them, and in their investigation and prosecution stages.